One of the things I have learned in my life was that once I commit myself to do something, I really do it, no matter what. Well, although there is true to that statement, it turned out that I don’t always do what I need to do. If I have an appointment, being with a ...continue reading Accountability Fuels Action

I recently attended a retreat at Peace Village, a learning and retreat center in the state of New York, and one of the activities we had to do was to have a meal in silence and continue in silence for few hours after that. When I learned about this activity, I got curious to see how ...continue reading What Silence Knows

The first time I heard about Live Your Legend was in the summer of 2013 watching a video of the TEDx talk that Scott Dinsmore gave. I don’t remember exactly how I came across it, but I do remember that it really resonated with me. From the three main steps Scott talked about during his ...continue reading Discovering My Passion And Being Paralyzed By Fear


Leaving the comforts of home can be as rewarding as it can be frightening. For me, home is Brazil, where I was born, raised and spent the first 30 years of my life. In high school, I enjoyed studying biology and chemistry; I decided to use that knowledge combining with my love for animals to ...continue reading Telling My Story