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Diving into the Pirates of the Replica Celine Handbags, Charlotte Olympia has found an important wooden chest. Unfortunately it was not filled with gold and diamonds, in fact it was empty. But ss far as Charlotte’s creativity goes, an empty treasure box that’s beautifully crafted is still useful to fill up your most precious essentials.

Replica Celine Handbags

Tonight, add a spark of fantasy into your evening outfit, flaunt your playful personality and you will leave a powerful impression behind.

A clever design to keep your hidden treasures safely stored into a wooden box. The curiosity is clear: ‘What do you keep in that box?’, it’s the perfect conversational start if you want to socialize. Made from wood and finished with galvanized brass trim. This clutch can be opened through a flip-lock closure and it’s decorated with a flap top, secured with a strong magnet.

This box weighs 2lbs and it’s small enough to carry by hand. For those who are interested for $1,495 USD/€1.168 pre-order at www.jumibag.net ​e-store.